From Our Family, To Yours

Bar/Cafe in Marsden

Peel St Social

We purchased 1 Peel Street over a decade ago and transformed it into a bar/café, with residential tenants living above.

It became Arcade Marsden in 2020, and Ste and Blyth became the managers, having successfully run cafes and restaurants for years. In 2022, the couple bought the business and turned it into what it is known today, Peel Street Social.

They tell us about their journey…

Peel St Social in Marsden

Growing A Brand

Ste & Blyth talk to us…


What did you do before Peel Street Social?

Ste: I was a hairdresser for 20 years but I had to give up hairdressing because of my bad back. I then got a job at Magic Rock and fell back in love with hospitality after a 2- year break, so then went on to manage Arcade Marsden.

Blyth: I’ve been in hospitality since school, having worked my way up from a pot wash, to front of house, then supervisor to manager then area manager. I’ve never done anything other than hospitality.

How long had you wanted to open Peel Street Social?

Ste: As soon as I got back behind a bar I knew I wanted my own place.

Blyth: Always, since day one.

Why did you want to be in Marsden?

Both: The dream was actually always to open a place in Slaithwaite, but once we started running Arcade Marsden, we knew Marsden was a great place with great people.

We had previously been to Peel One as customers and then co-managed Arcade Marsden, then we asked to buy the business because we loved that particular venue.

How is working with SB Homes?

We have a great relationship with SB Homes, any problems they are always happy to resolve.

How is your business going?

Since we rebranded, we are going from strength to strength, we are always busy with a great vibe. We want to expand, create a brand and open more sites, we have already bought a second business which should be ready early next year.

Ste & Blyth - Peel St Social